Taman Kanak Kanak

Small, uncrowded classes. Beautiful, clean, healthful and nurturing environment. Personalized educational experience. Safe and supportive atmosphere.

Sekolah Dasar

Sekolah Dasar ensures the foundation of all educational skills. The subjects are taught in Indonesian and English.


Students face a challenge moving from Primary School to the Middle School. Experienced teachers in the middle school ensure that each student is enabled to exercise maximum capability.


Mahatma Gandhi School, being a national plus school also caters to students looking for an international education.

Pasar Baru MGS




Mahatma Gandhi School

Experienced teachers with fluency in English may apply to the Principal with complete resume and copies of credentials for the following posts :

                                                1. Mathematics  (SMP-SMA) - S1/S2
                             2. PKn & Sejarah (SMP-SMA) - S1/S2
                             3. Swimming Instructor (Male) - S1
                             4. Computer (SMP) - S1
                             5. Admin Staff (SD) - S1
                             6. Admin Staff (Accounting) - S1
                             7. Kepala TK (S1 & 5 years teaching                                                          experience)



Note : Fluency in English is necessary 
for No.3 to 7

Apply with complete CV by 15th April  2015
E-mail: principalmgs@yahoo.com
Jl. Tabing Blok B-16 No.3
Telp.021-6542241 - Fax: 021-6542479
Kemayoran - Jakarta Pusat